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Re: bug when 'cd ..' to a directory who's parent has been deleted

From: Odd Arne Beck
Subject: Re: bug when 'cd ..' to a directory who's parent has been deleted
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2016 21:16:43 +0100
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Den 09.02.2016 20:55, skrev Chet Ramey:
On 2/9/16 2:43 PM, Odd Arne Beck wrote:

Chet Ramey: I fear you have misunderstood me (OP). What I meant was,
exactly as you say, the parent AND current folder has been removed, but
from a different shell. It's also reprodusable if you do something like
this from within the same shell:

mkdir -p ~/a/b
cd ~/a/b
rm -rf ~/a
cd ..

Can you see if that produces the same error? It sure does here.
Sure, of course it does.  You're in an orphaned part of the file system;
the parent directory doesn't exist; there is no named path from the
current directory to the root; no value for PWD is correct.

Well, I no longer think there's a discussion left with this issue. I believe we're all aware of why things happen the way they do in this case. I found it amusing that the path returned from the 'pwd' command was "/home/oddb/a/b/.."
after I had deleted both it's parent folder (and current folder).

Thanks for listening.

Best regards

Odd Beck

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