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How to lock a terminal

From: Nick Warne
Subject: How to lock a terminal
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 17:24:06 +0000
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Hi Everybody,

I ma not sure if this is a bug, or if it is what causes it - if it isn't, then it is me being stupid.

I was in a SSH session, and checking something inadvertently issued:

> nano /var/log/messages | grep a

(I was searching for something else than an 'a', but the above example shows the issue - about to use 'nano', but then forgot to change it to 'cat').

The terminal just sits there doing nothing - CTRL+C doesn't do anything; in a SSH session, the only option is to kill the terminal. On a local machine, you can use kill -9 from another terminal to get out of it.

I don't know if this behaviour is expected or me being stupid, or something else going on.


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