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Docker "Official Image"?

From: Tianon Gravi
Subject: Docker "Official Image"?
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 16:53:22 -0700

Hi there!

I'm involved in Docker's "official images" program[0][1], which is
where the top-level Docker images are maintained, and I'm interested
in creating a "Bash" official image (enabling users to directly
"docker run bash" or "docker run bash:4.2" for example), especially to
make it easy to test scripts against different versions and/or easily
try out new features before distributions pick up the newer releases.

[0]: https://github.com/docker-library/official-images
[1]: https://hub.docker.com/explore/

I've got current Dockerfiles for versions 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0,
3.2, and 3.1 up at [2] (built/pushed to [3], available for use
directly via "docker run tianon/bash").

[2]: https://github.com/tianon/docker-bash
[3]: https://hub.docker.com/r/tianon/bash/

If any of this sounds like something you'd rather I not do, I'll stop
here and just leave it in my personal repo, but I'd really love to see
a "bash" official image. :)

On the flip side, if this sounds really exciting and you'd like to be
involved or take over on creating such a thing, I'm happy to let you
take it from here, too!

Either way, as a self-proclaimed "bashochist", your work (and your
time reading this email) are very much appreciated. :)

- Tianon
  4096R / B42F 6819 007F 00F8 8E36  4FD4 036A 9C25 BF35 7DD4

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