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problem with redir test

From: Vladimir Marek
Subject: problem with redir test
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 22:35:47 +0000
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during testing of latest bash on Solaris I found strange behavior. We
run the tests with clear environment (env -). It seems to be caused by
undefined SHELL variable. The test reported

< ./redir11.sub: line 26: echo: write error: Bad file number
< ./redir11.sub: line 27: echo: write error: Bad file number
> ./redir11.sub: line 26: $(a=4 foo): Bad file number
> ./redir11.sub: line 27: $(a=4 foo): Bad file number

As a workaround I am using the attached patch although I don't feel that
it looks like a proper fix. Maybe it's a thing worth investigating? Can
you reproduce the issue?

Thank you

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