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Filename completion causes doubling of initial ':' character

From: Ravi (Tom) Hale
Subject: Filename completion causes doubling of initial ':' character
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 19:41:24 +0800
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Configuration Information [Automatically generated, do not change]:
Machine: x86_64
OS: linux-gnu
Compiler: gcc
Compilation CFLAGS: -DPROGRAM='bash' -DCONF_HOSTTYPE='x86_64' -DCONF_OSTYPE='linux-gnu' -DCONF_MACHTYPE='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' -DCONF_VENDOR='unknown' -DLOCALEDIR='/usr/share/locale' -DPACKAGE='bash' -DSHELL -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I./include -I./lib -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong -DDEFAULT_PATH_VALUE='/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin' -DSTANDARD_UTILS_PATH='/usr/bin' -DSYS_BASHRC='/etc/bash.bashrc' -DSYS_BASH_LOGOUT='/etc/bash.bash_logout' -Wno-parentheses -Wno-format-security uname output: Linux genesis 4.4.33-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 18 18:06:44 UTC 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Machine Type: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Bash Version: 4.4
Patch Level: 5
Release Status: release

Given a filename called ':example'
When the user enters 'command :' and hits <tab>
Then the completion of the filename gets a doubled colon, specifically: ':\:example'

Create a filename beginning with a ':' character:

    $ touch :example

Type `rm :` and hit tab, then enter.

I'd expect to see:

    rm :example
    [rm silently deletes it]

Instead I see:

    rm :\:example
    rm: cannot remove '::example': No such file or directory

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