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Re: bug report

From: Greg Wooledge
Subject: Re: bug report
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 08:15:40 -0500
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Forwarding to the mailing list.

On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 07:12:46AM +0000, Hossein Vatani wrote:
> Hi,many thanks for your quick feedback.I tried many tricks, let me give more 
> explain.assume my password is:  e'r"d`fg!wsif i put it in single 
> qoutation('e'r"d`fg!ws') there are three single quotation , also for double 
> quotation.let me share my this bash section script : OpenSSl=`openssl passwd 
> -apr1 "${Pass}"`that Pass= e'r"d`fg!ws .also, if i use "'" or \' or ... , the 
> openssl command took extra character as password's char.more, I could not got 
> your point regarding "csh-style history expansion" but i did your kind 
> suggest and the same result.
>  many thanks for your support.
>     On Tuesday, December 20, 2016 6:17 PM, Greg Wooledge <address@hidden> 
> wrote:

Top quoting.  Writing lines MUCH greater than 72 characters wide.
Failing to show the actual script.  Changing the question.  Taking the
question off-list for no reason.  A totally useless Subject header.

Maybe someone else on the mailing list can read your mind and figure
out what you're asking.  I'm not even going to try again.

Since you exhibit signs of Windows-user-ness I'm also going to wonder
whether you have introduced carriage returns into your script.  These
could cause issues, if present.

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