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[PATCH] typo in wait.def doc

From: Nick Pongratz
Subject: [PATCH] typo in wait.def doc
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 07:56:29 -0600

Pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things, just wanted to report
that the documentation for wait repeats "a".

diff --git a/builtins/wait.def b/builtins/wait.def
index 974f959b..46e764c5 100644
--- a/builtins/wait.def
+++ b/builtins/wait.def
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Wait for job completion and return exit status.
 Waits for each process identified by an ID, which may be a process ID or a
 job specification, and reports its termination status.  If ID is not
 given, waits for all currently active child processes, and the return
-status is zero.  If ID is a a job specification, waits for all processes
+status is zero.  If ID is a job specification, waits for all processes
 in that job's pipeline.

 If the -n option is supplied, waits for the next job to terminate and

Nick Pongratz
Systems Engineer
Singlewire Software

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