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Bug: different behavior between "jobs -l" and "builtin jobs -l"

From: Hengyang Zhao
Subject: Bug: different behavior between "jobs -l" and "builtin jobs -l"
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:47:05 +0000


I am experiencing an unexpected behavior when using "builtin jobs -l". It seems that it's output fd is not as same as "jobs -l" without the builtin prefix. So when I piped it into wc, I got different results (as seen in the code I pasted below).

Bash version: GNU bash, version 4.3.43(1)-release (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu)
OS: Fedora 25, kernel 4.9.13-200.fc25.x86_64

Buggy behavior:
when we have one or more background processes:
jobs -l | wc        # produces 0 0 0
builtin -l | wc              # produces non-zero non-zero non-zero

I tried to fix the bug, but after I looked at the code, the jobs printing procedure clearly prints to stdout. So I think it's not a easy work to track down the bug.

Way to reproduce:

bash-4.3$ enable -a | grep jobs
enable jobs
bash-4.3$ cat
[1]+  Stopped                 cat
bash-4.3$ jobs -l
[1]+ 14030 Stopped                 cat
bash-4.3$ jobs -l | wc
      1       4      39
bash-4.3$ builtin jobs -l | wc
      0       0       0
bash-4.3$ type jobs
jobs is a shell builtin
bash-4.3$ type -a jobs
jobs is a shell builtin
jobs is /usr/bin/jobs
jobs is /bin/jobs

Thank you!

Hengyang Zhao

Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering
University of California, Riverside

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