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Re: Syntax error near unexpected token `newline' within loops

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: Syntax error near unexpected token `newline' within loops
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 16:42:07 -0400
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On 4/24/17 6:59 AM, address@hidden wrote:

> Bash Version: 4.4
> Patch Level: 12
> Release Status: release
> Description:
>       Since 4.3 including 4.4 bash shows a bug in loops using nested ((...)), 
> $((..)), and $(...)
> Repeat-By:
> The bash code
>       V_NAME=Friday
>       for (( INDEX=0; INDEX<$((10-$(expr length $V_NAME))); INDEX++ ))
>       do
>           echo $INDEX
>       done
> leads to
>         bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

Thanks for the report.  It's a consequence of recursively invoking the
parser for the command substitution, which bash-4.3 and later do.  There's
more and more yacc/bison internal state I find out about as these semi-
obscure reports come in.  I'll fix it.


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