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Re: read -e allows execution of commands (edit-and-execute-command) as t

From: George Caswell
Subject: Re: read -e allows execution of commands (edit-and-execute-command) as the shell's process user
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 00:29:16 -0400

>On 5/8/17 1:31 PM, Eduardo Bustamante wrote:
>> I think `edit-and-execute-command' shouldn't be allowed under `read -e'.
>There's no compelling reason to disallow it.  If a system administrator
>wants to unbind certain readline commands (and unset INPUTRC!) to protect
>against a specific use case, he is free to do that.

Really? Because this seems like a really needless potential death trap. It 
shouldn't be the responsibility of distribution maintainers or sysadmins to
recognize and disable these bad design decisions.

Bash's builtin function "read" has one simple job: read data, return it to the 
caller. There shouldn't be anything in there about executing commands.

Why does read even need a function like this? Is it something that was useful 
in the days before job control? ##SELECTION_END##

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