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Re: Patch for unicode in varnames...

From: Peter & Kelly Passchier
Subject: Re: Patch for unicode in varnames...
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2017 08:32:21 +0700
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On 08/06/2560 04:33, Dethrophes wrote:
> This would be a bad idea in the same way that having control characters in 
> filenames is a bad idea, just because you can do something doesn't mean you 
> should.

I would personally advocate NOT to use it in code. But then, I am
biassed by upbringing towards ASCII... But, I wouldn't want others to be
deprived of the option.

Remember, function names, and aliases already can be in unicode
encodings! Which probably already helps shell endusers the most. But
allowing variable names in unicode is a logical progression, and as we
can see from Eduardo's quick patch, doesn't involve a big overhead in
added complexity.

(Advocating because of living now in a country with a different script.)

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