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people working in Greg's locale (+euro) & display of Unicode names

From: L A Walsh
Subject: people working in Greg's locale (+euro) & display of Unicode names
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:52:43 -0700
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Greg Wooledge wrote:
Here is a demonstration of the cost of what you are proposing. In my
mail user agent, your variable shows up as L??v.
iso8859-15 was introduced in 1999 to replace iso8859-1 as it didn't
have the Euro symbol.  I can set my system to use iso8859-15,
but not "-1".  If you had a charset installed that displayed
"U+0113 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH MACRON", you'd be able to
see it.
It *is* a latin character, similarly, Microsoft
refused to move beyond Unicode V2 for over 20 years because
versions above that didn't fit in 65536 characters, which
meant MS's 2-byte/character encoding would no longer hold
the world's languages.  MS had heavily tied their software
into that encoding.  Their kernel SW uses it. You can see
it in use in their log files, which are still UCS-2 encoded
(no BOM at the beginning of the file & encoded Little Endian).
Source code with your UTF-8 identifiers would no longer even be READABLE
on systems that do not use UTF-8.
   It's not a matter of a system not using UTF-8, but
being a system that's come out in the past ~10 years.  I know
MS from WinXP and above supported Unicode to some degree, and
current linux distros have for the past 10-15 years.
 Like the system I am using RIGHT NOW, which uses Latin-1: [i.e]:
$ locale
I only have iso885915 to use.

Chet Ramey wrote:
But people don't work in Unicode. They work in their own locale.
   Ok, I have my locale set to latin9 (iso8859-15).

Attached is a pic of how files display in a console
and how they display in vim.

That locale may be consistent with Unicode, and it may not.  Adding
something that doesn't respect a user's locale isn't useful.
What do you mean by respect?  I am running in the locale and
characters from other locales still display correctly.

Isn't that respecting both the local locale as well as
the one being displayed?

How is having UTF-8 for files and text not showing


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