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[PATCH] Bash does not build when --disable-multibyte due to missing HAVE

From: Eduardo A . Bustamante López
Subject: [PATCH] Bash does not build when --disable-multibyte due to missing HAVE_MULTIBYTE guard in display.c
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2017 04:10:43 -0500
User-agent: NeoMutt/20170113 (1.7.2)

address@hidden:~/src/gnu/bash$ git diff -- lib/readline/display.c 
diff --git a/lib/readline/display.c b/lib/readline/display.c
index d5536211..1f281cd3 100644
--- a/lib/readline/display.c
+++ b/lib/readline/display.c
@@ -2127,7 +2127,7 @@ dumb_update:
                      cpos_adjusted = 1;
-#if 1
                  /* If we write a non-space into the last screen column,
                     remove the note that we added a space to compensate for
                     a multibyte double-width character that didn't fit, since

Eduardo Bustamante

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