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Re: Very minor fixes thanks to cppcheck

From: Nicola Spanti
Subject: Re: Very minor fixes thanks to cppcheck
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2017 15:01:28 +0200
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Le 05/06/2017 14:06, Eric Blake a écrit :
On 06/04/2017 11:39 AM, Nicola Spanti wrote:

I used that:
cppcheck --verbose --quiet --enable=all --force --language=c --std=c89 .

I fixed some errors that were reported by cppcheck. I published that on

The git remote is: https://address@hidden/RyDroid/bash.git
The branch is cppcheck-fix
Can you also post the patches directly to this list, rather than making
us chase a URL to see what the patch includes?
I attached it. I dit it on top of commit "bc007799f0e1362100375bb95d952d28de4c62fb".
Feel to merge it upstream. I don't ask credit for this tiny thing. Of
course, I give the copyright to the FSF.
Copyright assignment is more formal than that, if your patch is deemed
significant (small patches can be taken without assignment, but large
patches require actual paperwork and signatures, although these days
there are various countries where the paperwork is all electronic).
It is noting significant in the patch.

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