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Re: ulimit -c unlimited

From: Reuti
Subject: Re: ulimit -c unlimited
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:20:11 +0200

> Am 26.07.2017 um 03:43 schrieb 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson <address@hidden>:
> $ ulimit -c 99999999999999
> $ ulimit -c 9999999999
> $ ulimit -c unlimited
> bash: ulimit: core file size: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted
> Maybe say: try again with numbers, not letters.

Do you get this as root too?

If the hard limit is unlimited, then you can raise the soft limit again also as 
normal user to be unlimited. So the statement "Operation not permitted" is 
correct, although it means: "can't raise hard limit again" as without -S or -H 
it sets both limits. The soft limit OTOH can be changed between a value and 
unlimited as often as you like, as the long as the hard limit stays to be set 
to unlimited.

-- Reuti

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