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Re: [BUG] 'unset' fails silently under specific conditions

From: Martijn Dekker
Subject: Re: [BUG] 'unset' fails silently under specific conditions
Date: Tue, 1 May 2018 20:29:12 +0200
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Op 01-05-18 om 18:45 schreef Martijn Dekker:
It appears that it must have one function calling another, and that other function having an assignment preceding a special builtin, for 'unset' to fail silently for the variable so assigned.

Actually it can be simplified further: the following also outputs "BUG: still set". I fact, with this version, the bug manifests all the way down to bash 2.05b!

func() {
  var=2 :       # or 'var=2 set foo', or another special builtin
  unset -v var  # bug: fails silently
echo ${var+"BUG: still set"}


- M.

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