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Bash 4.3.48 does not wrap lines with TERM=screen

From: Nikolay Nikolov
Subject: Bash 4.3.48 does not wrap lines with TERM=screen
Date: Wed, 09 May 2018 10:28:57 +0000

Hi, I have bash 4.3.48 and I use konsole as terminal emulator. The default
value is TERM=xterm. However, I want to use tmux and it requires that the
TERM value should be either screen or screen-256colors. The problem is that
as soon TERM is set to screen, bash stops wrapping long commands to the
next line. To be clear, outside tmux I keep TERM=xterm. However, to make
sure the problem is in bash, I temporarily set TERM=screen without starting
tmux and line wrapping indeed stopped working, which confirms this is a
bash problem and not tmux.

How do I make line-wrapping work in bash and TERM=screen or
TERM=screen-256color? I was able to test on a VM and bash 4.4 does NOT seem
to have this problem. However, on the machine that I use I cannot update

For reference, my ~/.bashrc contains:

export PS1="\[\e[1;address@hidden: \w \$ \[\e[m\]"
export PS2="> "

It is the first time I am using this mailing list, apologies if this is not
the right place to post.


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