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Readline documentation error

From: Jorge Maldonado Ventura
Subject: Readline documentation error
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 03:50:45 +0200
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There is an unnecessary closing parenthesis under /bracketed-paste-begin
()/ from section 8.4.3 of /Bash Reference Manual/

diff --git a/lib/readline/doc/rluser.texi b/lib/readline/doc/rluser.texi
index 1c9acdc..d42f6f6 100644
--- a/lib/readline/doc/rluser.texi
+++ b/lib/readline/doc/rluser.texi
@@ -1352,7 +1352,7 @@ This function is intended to be bound to the
"bracketed paste" escape
 sequence sent by some terminals, and such a binding is assigned by default.
 It allows Readline to insert the pasted text as a single unit without
 each character as if it had been read from the keyboard.  The characters
-are inserted as if each one was bound to @code{self-insert}) instead of
+are inserted as if each one was bound to @code{self-insert} instead of
 executing any editing commands.

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