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Re: extglob patterns not expanded in -c command-strings

From: Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragão
Subject: Re: extglob patterns not expanded in -c command-strings
Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 22:42:20 -0300
User-agent: NeoMutt/20171215

> If you apply that rule, you can figure out the answer: extglob changes the
> behavior of the parser, so it must be enabled before a command is parsed.
> The complete line of input is read before any of it is parsed, and the
> complete line is parsed before any of it is executed. As a consequence, the
> extglob option must be enabled for the ( to be recognized as an extended
> globbing pattern instead of an operator.

I replied before reading your answer, my apologies. You unvealed the mystery ! 
Now I understand why it works as expected with -O extglob: it enables it BEFORE 
parsing the command.

Thank you so much for shedding light on this !

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