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Re: Bash patches format

From: Todd Zullinger
Subject: Re: Bash patches format
Date: Tue, 29 May 2018 23:44:12 -0400
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Marty E. Plummer wrote:
>> If people are willing to do the conversion between patch formats for their
>> own purposes, more power to them. I don't see any compelling reason to
>> change the format I use.
> Could I at least convince you to start doing -p1, if not unified?

Don't we essentially already have both context and unified
diff formats, thanks to git?  If you wanted bash-4.4 patch
19, for example, you could get the context diff which Chet
publishes here:


or you could take it from the git 'Bash-4.4 patch 19' commit
in git as a unified diff?  That's what the Fedora bash
package uses.  They're not converting the context diff patch
files to unified diff.

The main difference is the lack of detail in the git commit
message.  It would great if the same data found in the
bash44-019 patch file was added to the git commit message.
Then you would have the same thing as the context diff patch
in a unified diff via 'git format-patch' or the cgit patch

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