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Re: Rational Range Interpretation for bash-5.0?

From: Ilkka Virta
Subject: Re: Rational Range Interpretation for bash-5.0?
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2018 16:29:31 +0300
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On 6.8. 23:07, Chet Ramey wrote:
Hi. I am considering making bash glob expansion implement rational range
interpretation starting with bash-5.0 -- basically making globasciiranges
the default. It looks like glibc is going to do this for version 2.28 (at
least for a-z, A-Z, and 0-9), and other GNU utilities have done it for some
time. What do folks think?

I tried to think about a counterpoint, some case for where the current
(non-globasciiranges) behaviour would be useful, but I can't come up
with any. At least the part where [a-z] matches A, but not Z makes it a
bit useless.

If you're considering special-casing just those three, I'd suggest adding a-f and A-F too, for patterns matching hex digits.

So yeah, +1 from me.

Ilkka Virta / address@hidden

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