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Bash vi mode's e command (end of word) goes to eol when hitting a unicod

From: Enrico Maria De Angelis
Subject: Bash vi mode's e command (end of word) goes to eol when hitting a unicode character
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2018 13:13:03 +0200

This is kind of a pedantic bug report.
Basically it seems that bash's vi-mode doesn't use the same definition of
words/Words/... that Vim uses (which is the facto the always installed
version of vi), but I write you the same, just in case it's an easy task to
do the fix (if you think this is really a bug).

The version number of bash: GNU bash, version 4.4.23(1)-release
The hardware and operating system: Arch LInux (constatly update)
The compiler used to compile: I didn't compile bash myself
A description of the bug behaviour: & A short script or `recipe' which
exercises the bug:
While vi-editing a line like the following
$ ls bulk32³ grids.dat COPYING
with the cursor in normal mode at the beginning of the line, hitting e
repeatedly, cause the cursor to move in order to
s of ls (correct)
2 of bulk32³ (correct, since Vim itself works like this, with an end of
word being detected in between 2 and ³)
end of line (wrong)

Kind regards,
Enrico Maria De Angelis

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