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Use-After-Free in Bash

From: Corbin Souffrant
Subject: Use-After-Free in Bash
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 12:31:52 -0700


I found a reproducible use-after-free in every version of Bash from
4.4-5.0beta, that could potentially be used to escape restricted mode. I
say potentially, because I can get it to crash in restricted mode, but I
haven't gone through the effort of attempting to heap spray to overwrite
function pointers.

I read in previous threads that you don't consider most crashes in Bash to
be security issues, but before I posted something to the public mailing
list, I wanted to be sure that this was the correct place to do so. If not,
who should I email? I have a writeup, with repro and patch that I think
should work. :)

Corbin Souffrant

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