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Re: Control characters in declare output

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: Control characters in declare output
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2018 16:54:28 -0800
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On 10/31/2018 11:01 PM, Rob Foehl wrote:
Prompted (pun intended) by the recent thread on detecting missing newlines in command output, I'd had another look at my own version, and discovered a potential issue with control characters being written as-is in declare output. Minimal (harmless) reproducer:

╶➤ x () { echo $'\e[31m'"oops"$'\e[0m'; }

╶➤ declare -f x
x ()
     echo ''"oops"''

Emits the string in red in a terminal. Any instances with control sequences that do anything more invasive with the terminal cause more
BTW, to keep that red from turning your terminal red, I used:
 read _CRST <<<"$(tput sgr0)"   #Reset
 read _CRED <<<"$(tput setaf 1)"  #RED
 read _CGREEN <<<"$(tput setaf 2)"  #GREEN
 read _CBLD <<<"$(tput bold)"   #Bold

And in usage:
[[ $UID -eq 0 ]] && {

That way I can display the file on a screen without the control characters
actually changing the color of the terminal.

(just in case you might be looking for a way around that behavior).

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