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Problem with vi mode in bash 5.0 beta

From: Stan Marsh
Subject: Problem with vi mode in bash 5.0 beta
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 15:32:21 -0700

(This is all after doing "set -o vi")

In previous versions of bash, I could do the following keys: <Esc> / ^ foo 
and it would find the most recent command that starts with foo.  This is all as

However, in bash 5.0 beta (self-compiled), this doesn't work. It always leaves 
cursor line empty (as if there was no matching history line).  If I leave out 
the ^,
then it works as expected (but, of course, matches the string anywhere, not 
just at
the beginning of the line).

Incidentally, it occurs to me that I could just do: "fc foo" and it would do 
much the same thing (match only at the beginning), but my fingers are used to 
it the other way.

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