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Re: Error on arithmetic evaluation of `~0`.

From: Bize Ma
Subject: Re: Error on arithmetic evaluation of `~0`.
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 01:26:33 -0400

Chet Ramey (<address@hidden>) wrote:

> On 12/23/18 12:01 PM, Bize Ma wrote:

> > Both command line above should have printed "hello".
> No. 0 is the only valid subscript for a non-array variable. The difference
> between bash and other shells that implement this feature is that bash
> warns about negative subscripts.

If you say so: fine for me.

It still irks me a little that a `${var[-1]}` isn't the "last value"
(sometimes!, consistency?).

I haven't seen that documented anywhere, though.

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