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bash 5.0.2(1) multiline command in history bug

From: Jason Vas Dias
Subject: bash 5.0.2(1) multiline command in history bug
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019 08:22:38 +0000

Good day -

  Under bash 4.4.23, with emacs history editing enabled, I can do:
   $ echo '1
    > 2
    > 3
    > '
   and I can then press the <UP-ARROW> (move-up / history-previous) key,
   and the same command, including embedded new lines in the arguments,
   is echoed back to me, and I can press <RETURN> to repeat exactly that
   command (scroll up in history and repeat last command).

   Now, with bash-5.0.2,  this capability is removed: scrolling up in
the history,
   if the previous command had a multi-line argument, shows the multiline
   argument folded, like:
    $ echo '1 2 3 '
   and,  even worse, it has actually edited the command to remove the
   new lines, so it runs a different command (without new lines)
   when repeating a historical command - very bad! History is now
   unreliable and broken in bash!

   I use multi-line sed commands frequently, which bash 5.0.2 now
   stores incorrectly in the history file and is incapable of repeating.

   So bash-5.0.2 has been made essentially unusable for entering commands
   that have arguments which contain new lines, and now edits
historical commands
   unconditionally & automatically without user initiation of command editing.

   Can either of these new behaviors be disabled in bash 5.0.2 ?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Jason Vas Dias

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