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Regression in --enable-minimal-config

From: Miro Kropáček
Subject: Regression in --enable-minimal-config
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 01:15:59 +0200


I found this today by accident - it seems that grep's ./configure
doesn't work with the minimal bash (enabled in bash's configure
via --enable-minimal-config).

One can verify that not only by the failed ./configure process but
also by content of config.log - there are several messages like:

configure:3536: error: fn_grep: expected pattern

Tested with bash 4.4.23 and grep 3.3. First I thought it is a grep bug
(i.e. using some bashism) but accidentally I had an ancient bash-2.05
lying around and could try its minimal configuration setup -- and
indeed it works. So it would seem it is something which broke between
2.05 and 4.4.23.


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