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blink-matching-paren breaks closing parenthesis binding

From: Nikolaos Kakouros
Subject: blink-matching-paren breaks closing parenthesis binding
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 00:17:25 +0000

In my .bashrc, I have:

bind -x '")": bash_function'
bind 'set blink-matching-paren'

If I type `)` in bash, nothing happens. Blinking works. If I reverse the order 
of the commands, then blinking stops working and the binding works.

I think I understand the reason behind this; `blink-matching-paren` uses `)` to 
run the blinking function, sth like a hidden default binding. 

I thought I should mention this as it is not documented anywhere and I don't 
know if it could be considered a bug or a documentation issue.

Could the matching paren functionality be triggered manually from within the 
`bash_function` function? That could also be mentioned in the docs.

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