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Feature request: output/send \033]7; file:///the/current/dir\033\\ on di

From: IFo Hancroft
Subject: Feature request: output/send \033]7; file:///the/current/dir\033\\ on directory change
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2019 14:08:04 +0200
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Hi Everyone!

I have the following feature request:

Output/send \033]7;file:///the/current/dir\033\\ on directory change.
This can then be used by terminals for example for the feature to be able to open a new tab/terminal in the same directory.

Currently, the way to do it is to use the PROMPT_COMMAND variable to output but I believe this should be left for the user to use and terminals that want to have such feature have to currently ship their own shell script that assigns the variable but also preserves what was set there by distros (usually an ANSI escape sequence to update the terminal title) and there is no place that distros agree on for reading scripts from for non-login shells and it is often put in the wrong place..... It's a shit show.

I don't think its the terminal's job to tell itself when the directory changes, also it is the shell that knows when it does change. By having it in the shell it will be a clean and streamlined solution that all terminals that want, can use the feature and the whole shitshow that's currently going can be avoided.

It makes sense for the shell to output it on directory change.
Everyone can take advantage of that.
It will be clean solution.

Best Regards,
IFo Hancroft

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