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Re: Procsub.tests on OSes using named pipes

Subject: Re: Procsub.tests on OSes using named pipes
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 16:00:04 +0000

> > An easy way to reproduce it is to launch a script with: " moo() { echo
> > "ok";}; moo >(true)", you'll see an "ok" in your bash terminal and a
> > subprocess will be blocked in an open syscall. The fact that we are seeing
> > this "ok" means that the output of the parent process was never redirected 
> > to
> > the child. Am I right ?
> did you mean, `moo() { echo "ok";}; moo > >(true)`?

Hum not with two ">". I've taken the line from tests/procsub.tests:
 "moo() { ls -l "$1" >/dev/null; ls -l "$1" >/dev/null; }; moo >(true)"

And replaced the " ls -l "$1"" by something clearer (Note that I've the same 
problem with this line though)

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