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Re: Are there any plans for more readable, modern syntaxes for If statem

From: Ahmed Rahal
Subject: Re: Are there any plans for more readable, modern syntaxes for If statements?
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 12:27:48 -0400
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Le 20-03-26 à 14 h 28, Daniel Colascione a écrit :
>> I keep on wondering why these shells can't come up with something better
>> than improving previous shell syntax by little by only providing poor
>> better alternatives.
>> I somehow think there is a need to rethink shells from scratch to make
>> them
>> less mentally demanding and readable in the command prompt and scripts
>> themselves.
>> I really haven't seen anything that I would like to use so far. Neither
>> zsh, tcsh or any other of the more popular ones as far as I remember from
>> the last weeks "personal research".
> fish shell and powershell are two reasonable attempts. I think current
> shell syntax is fine though.
Just wanted to second this.
If in need for a more complex approach to shell, try Powershell, but
IMHO this is not that more readable.
For readability, forget about shells, go python. It's more readable and
I write this, yet can say that cleanly written bash is as readable as
python, yet python enforces readability, while shells do not.
Truth is that despite all efforts I've seen in the last ... 30 years,
the same issues keep popping.
Clear intent in the language structure, ease of adoption, complexity in
the syntax, .... there are so many dimensions you'd want to improve on.
None can have them all. It's probably inherent to the problem at hand.
The trade-offs are the landmarks for each shell/language. As such I'm
afraid that the better really is the enemy of the good.
Besides ... https://xkcd.com/927/



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