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Re: signals ignored in a subshell

From: Oğuz
Subject: Re: signals ignored in a subshell
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 05:06:56 +0300

Thanks for the reply.

4 Nisan 2020 Cumartesi tarihinde Robert Elz <address@hidden> yazdı:

>     Date:        Sat, 4 Apr 2020 08:32:57 +0300
>     From:        =?UTF-8?B?T8SfdXo=?= <address@hidden>
>     Message-ID:  <CAH7i3LqUZcV6shJv6nQoRkLp-zhBgTpWaUPKdzZwVC-W_0e8yw@
> mail.gmail.com>
>   | While waiting for read builtin to complete, bash executes signal
> handlers
>   | in a subshell where signals are ignored. See below.
>   |
>   | $ foo() { trap foo INT; read; }
> What that says, is that when you get a SIGINT, call function foo().
> When the read is interrupted by the ^C, SIGINT happens, the trap handler
> runs, and foo is called again.   That sets the trap handler all over again
> (no real point, it was still set from before - trap handlers are not local
> to function, except possibly the RETURN trap, that one I know nothing
> about)
> and then does read.   When you interrupt that one, SIGINT is generated,
> the trap handler runs, and foo is called, which sets the trap handler
> (yet again) and calls read ...
Yes, I know.

> What were you expecting to happen?
I was expecting it to work (i.e interrupt read again and call foo) or show
an error on second SIGINT saying that's not allowed.

> The difference between the various shells depends upon exactly when in the
> sequence of things the trap handler actually executes, in some shells it
> might not be until after the initial foo function call finishes, in others,
> it can happen immediately after the read terminates because of the SIGINT,
> while foo is still running.
>    | Is this a bug or an undocumented feature?
> It is bizarre broken application code.
> kre


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