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Re: How functions are defined

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: How functions are defined
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 09:21:44 +0200
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On Apr 27 2020, Dale R. Worley wrote:

> So it seems the reserved rule is more accurately:
>        Reserved words are words that have a special meaning to the
>        shell.  The following words are recognized as reserved when
>        unquoted and either (1) where the first word of a simple command
>        could be (see SHELL GRAMMAR below), (2) the third word of a case,
>        for, or select command, the (3) first word of the body of a function
>        definition, or (4) after a semicolon or newline:
> IIUC there are two places where the documentation needs to be updated,
> bash/doc/bash.1 and bash/doc/bashref.texi.  But the above wording is a
> lot more complex than I'd like.  Does anyone have suggestions for a
> clearer way to say this that is still accurate?
> ... Looking at this again, I think (1) and (3) can be replaced by "the
> first word of a command (see SHELL GRAMMAR below)", which helps.

Isn't (4) also a subset of (1)?


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