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Enabling the fix for echo_input_at_read in run_debug_trap?

From: George Nachman
Subject: Enabling the fix for echo_input_at_read in run_debug_trap?
Date: Sat, 2 May 2020 00:05:04 -0700

One of my users complained that the debug trap was printing their command
after edit-and-execute-command when using my script, which depends on debug
traps. I noticed that bash 5.0 made this change to run_debug_trap() that
would fix the problem:

+      old_verbose = echo_input_at_read;
+#if 0  /* not yet */
+      echo_input_at_read = 0;
       trap_exit_value = _run_trap_internal (DEBUG_TRAP, "debug trap");

+      echo_input_at_read = old_verbose;

My questions are:
1. Is the #if is ready to be removed yet?
2. If not, what the plans are to make progress on enabling this fix?

I don't see a way to work around it myself, other than not using debug
traps which isn't an option as far as I can tell. I'll help in any way I


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