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Re: Bug on bash shell - $PWD (and consequentely prompt) not updated whil

From: Ilkka Virta
Subject: Re: Bug on bash shell - $PWD (and consequentely prompt) not updated while renaming current folder.
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 18:26:45 +0300
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On 20.6. 3.51, correio@goncalo.pt wrote:
When we rename the current working directory, $PWD doesn't get updated
as it would as it would if we just did a simple "cd directory". Fix:
Probably: Trigger the current working directory refresh event, like it
is already done with the cd command. Because we can be renaming our own
current working directory, so a simple trigger is needed when mv is
executed and renaming the current working directory. At the same time,

The directory can get renamed by some completely unrelated background process, without any action from the shell, so you'd need to recheck it every time the prompt is printed, not just when a particular command, or any command, is launched. (The name of the directory could even change while the shell is waiting for a command line to be input.)

Running cd . should reset PWD to show the new name, and if you need that often, I suppose you could run it from PROMPT_COMMAND:

/tmp$ PROMPT_COMMAND='cd .'
/tmp$ mkdir old
/tmp$ cd old
/tmp/old$ mv /tmp/old /tmp/new
/tmp/new$ echo $PWD

Ilkka Virta / itvirta@iki.fi

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