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Re: problem with extra space; setting? cygwin only?

From: Robert Elz
Subject: Re: problem with extra space; setting? cygwin only?
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 05:15:41 +0700

    Date:        Thu, 25 Jun 2020 10:46:01 -0700
    From:        L A Walsh <bash@tlinx.org>

  | But that wouldn't follow the email response instructions of posting your
  | response above the previous email

I don't always agree with Greg, but this time I do: whoever or whatever
issued those instructions is a moron.   Don't do that.   It is marginally
better to top post that way, than to include the entire previous message
and then add a comment after it - but only marginally, both of those
should be avoided - always.  Include only as much of the message to which
you're replying as is needed to make your reply make sense, and place your
comments immediately after the (short) quote which gives the context.

And yes, this is more work for the person sending the reply - but there is
just one of them, many people read the messages - do what is best for the
readers (otherwise they simply won't bother reading).

  | or lists where attachments are not allowed.

Yes, that is a problem - with those the best can be to make the content
you want to be seen available somewhere, and in the e-mail include a URL
for that,   That is not nearly as good - many people who might have been
able to help simply won't bother if they cannot see the entire problem
without doing more work, and as that kind of content placement is usually
temporary the archives of the list end up not containing the real info,
but if that is the policy of the list (usually because they want to keep
large content off the list) there's not a lot you can do.   That is, except
for using a rational e-mail client (not any kind of webmail) to send the
message, use something that will not reformat the message.

  | ** - if your examples are on one computer and your desktop is on another
  | computer, you have to [...]

No, you simply send the e-mail from where the examples are.  You don't
need to be using your regular MUA for that, just a system that can send
e-mail, and that should be every system.

But the requirement, to have the actual examples to hand when sending
the e-mail, is important, you don't want to be retyping them, and even a 
cut&paste can manage to misrepresent the issue (omit important details).
Certainly you should never re-type examples like this - send the version
that actually has the problem.


ps: e-mail is subject to copyright, copying it whole is a copyright
violation unless you have permission to do that, and you almost never do

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