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${VAR:4@Q} parameter modifiers don't compose

From: d+bug-bash
Subject: ${VAR:4@Q} parameter modifiers don't compose
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2020 11:00:07 +1000 (AEST)
User-agent: Alpine 2.22 (DEB 394 2020-01-19)

Variable transforms such as ${VAR@Q} do not compose with substrings expansions, eg ${VAR:1:4}.

For example, I expected ${VAR:4@Q} to quote ${VAR:4}, but instead:

   -bash: VAR: 4@Q: value too great for base (error token is "4@Q")

This is because parameter value modifiers do not compose; generally
a single value modifier is supported per expansion. The implementation's common parameter processing code assumes
the modifier's handler requires the full text up to the next
closing '}'.

      if (c == ':') want_substring=1;
      else if (c == '/') want_patsub=1;
      else if (c == '^' or ',' or '~') want_casemode=1;
      /* Get the rest of the stuff inside the braces. */
      if (c && c != RBRACE)
          value = extract_dollar_brace_string(string,
              &sindex, quoted, SX_POSIXEXP | SX_WORD);
      if (want_substring)
        { parameter_brace_substring(,value,); return; }
      else if (want_patsub)
        { parameter_brace_patsub(,value,); return; }
      else if (want_casemod)
        { parameter_brace_casemod(,value,); return; }
      switch (c)
        case '@':
          parameter_brace_transform(,value,); return;

I have been thinking of a general extension that allows composition
of parameter value modifiers without changing current parsing.
It looks like this:


The intuitive rule here is that if a normally-terminal modifier
is placed in braces, then it may precede another or a subsequent
final unbraced modifier. Braced operands are constrained to the
next closing brace without ambiguity.


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