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Re: issue with vredir6.sub and AIX - bash (sub-shell) is crashing durig

From: Michael Felt
Subject: Re: issue with vredir6.sub and AIX - bash (sub-shell) is crashing durig manual replication of test
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 12:26:08 +0200
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On 15/10/2020 16:11, kfm@plushkava.net wrote:
> On 15/10/2020 08:03, Michael Felt wrote:
>> $ exec </dev/null
>> $ exit
>> root@x065:[/data/prj/gnu/bash/bash-5.0.18]
>> ```
>> As you can see by the return of the original PS1 - the sub-shell
>> (./bash) 'crashed' -- I did not type 'exit' - that is a result of the
>> 'exec </dev/null' command the line before.
> Upon running "exec </dev/null", the standard input is no longer
> attached to your terminal emulator. Consequently, bash tries to read
> from /dev/null, only to encounter EOF. As there is no further input to
> be processed, it exits.
> You can prevent this from happening by running a script, or by using
> the -c option to convey the code. Doing so will launch a
> non-interactive instance of bash that does not read commands from the
> standard input.
> Incidentally, it is not a subshell but an ordinary subprocess.
Thanks - I'll try and give that a try to help understand what is going
on in the test.

As I'll mention in my reply to Chet - the concern is because 'make test'
stops, rather than just report an error.

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