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Re: Behavior change

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: Behavior change
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 10:13:19 -0400
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On 10/27/20 10:10 AM, Gregory Heytings wrote:
>>> Okay.  I just set "set enable-bracketed-paste off" in my /etc/inputrc.
>>> Perhaps this change should be documented in CHANGES, and in the man page
>>> (where enable-bracketed-paste is said to have the default value Off).
>> The manual page in the released version will reflect the default setting
>> of bracketed paste. While it will probably remain on by default, there
>> have already been several reports of the bracketed paste enable/disable
>> escape sequences interfering with program-driven readline use cases, so
>> it's not certain it will.
> FWIW, I've been using bash for twenty years (starting with version 2.05
> IIRC), and it's the first time I see changes that I find disturbing and
> want to turn off.  The paste behavior with enable-bracketed-paste on also
> disturbed me, but I wasn't sure how to explain it.

I understand. There are folks on the other side of that discussion who are
just as passionate in their belief that the default bash behavior is broken
and leads to security issues. Bracketed paste is currently the only way to
determine whether or not input comes from a paste or some other source.

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