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crash in __waitpid() via waitchld() in bash 4.4.23(1) on arm64

From: Peter Morrow
Subject: crash in __waitpid() via waitchld() in bash 4.4.23(1) on arm64
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:53:34 -0700
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21 (2010-09-15)


I've had a crash in bash 4.4.23(1) running on arm64 with glibc 2.28.
This is
a custom distro based off the yocto thud release. I've only seen this
twice in
the last 6 months or so and thus is not easy to recreate.

Stacktrace looks like this:

#0 libc_2_28!__waitpid + 0x30
#1 bash!waitchld + 0x10c
#2 bash!wait_for + 0x568
#3 bash!execute_command_internal + 0x2718
#4 bash!execute_commnad + 0x60
#5 bash!reader_loop + 0x188
#6 bash!main + 0xfe0
#7 libc_2_28!__libc_start_main + 0xe4
#8 bash!start + 0x34

I have a bash script which is executing a long running process:


echo "done!"

The above crash was seen when systemd sent "longrunningproces" a
SIGTERM. "longrunningprocess" is multithreaded, and handles SIGTERM via
a signal handler then exits.

In the normal case I don't see the crash and the script exits

Does this ring any bells to anyone?
Is there any other information that would be useful to help me debug


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