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Re: so-called pipe files (sh-np-*) do not get deleted when processes clo

From: Michael Felt
Subject: Re: so-called pipe files (sh-np-*) do not get deleted when processes close.
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 16:17:19 +0100
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On 11/03/2021 18:11, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 3/11/21 11:28 AM, Michael Felt wrote:

Issue: AdoptOpenJDK build process makes bash calls in a particular way. An abbreviated (shorter pathnames) example is:

bash-5.0$ /usr/bin/printf "Building targets 'product-images legacy-jre-image test-image' in configuration 'aix-ppc64-normal-server-release'\n" > >(/usr/bin/tee -a /home/aixtools/build.log) 2> >(/usr/bin/tee -a /home/aixtools/build.log >&2) Building targets 'product-images legacy-jre-image test-image' in configuration 'aix-ppc64-normal-server-release'

I believe this is fixed in bash-5.1.

I added some debug statements to try and catch what is not happening. It seems that the fifo_list[i].proc value is never being set to (pid_t)-1 so any call to `unlink_fifo()` or `unlink_fifo_list()` does not unlink the special file created.

Probably because the process substitution does not exit before the shell does.

I spent several days debugging - and, basically, they never get cleared because the fifo_struct never gets the (pid_t) -1 value assigned.

Although the `reap` function does get called - there is never anything to do.

The routine that does assign the (pid_t) -1 value is `wait`*something - and this is only called via an interrupt (aka signal) - as far as I could see.

in the end I came up with a very simple - basically historical solution - for working with tempoary files that do not need to survive the process - unlink() the file immediately after open()>

As I need to document for AdoptOpenJDK I created a mirror of savannah (git) and created a PR: https://github.com/aixtools/bash/pull/2

I expect much more testing is warrented - as to potential side-effects with the fifo struct (that is no longer accurate as the file may (read should) already be unlinked.

Hope this helps,


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