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PROMPT_COMMAND is not executed after edit-and-execute-command

From: earnestly
Subject: PROMPT_COMMAND is not executed after edit-and-execute-command
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 15:29:02 +0000

When using edit-and-execute-command to edit the command-line I've
noticed that PROMPT_COMMAND is not evaluated upon returning to the
prompt, e.g.:

    earnest i ~ PROMPT_COMMAND='echo foobar'
    earnest i ~ set -x
    ++ echo foobar
    earnest c ~ # use edit-and-execute-command (C-x C-e)
    ++ fc -e editor
    +++ editor /tmp/bash-fc.Xca0Uv

    earnest i ~ :
    + :
    ++ echo foobar
    earnest i ~

The issue this is giving me is that my PS1 is set via the PROMPT_COMMAND
which includes setting the terminal title.

If the PROMPT_COMMAND is not evaluated my terminal title remains set to
the command fc -e executes, (e.g.  editor /tmp/bash-fc.Xca0Uv) instead
of returning to my prefered terminal title.

Is this behaviour intended?

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