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Re: select syntax violates the POLA

From: Greywolf
Subject: Re: select syntax violates the POLA
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2021 19:45:16 -0700
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On 4/1/2021 16:03, Robert Elz wrote:
Partly because if you didn't use the braces, the issue wouldn't have arisen.
(And because to most of us it just looks weird, kind of like people
who write functions like f() {( commands to run in a subshell )}
where the braces do nothing useful at all. and should just be omitted.

Heh.  Nope -- if it's to be subshelled, I do not use the braces
around the parens.

that's not an unreasonable use explanation.  I find that a consistent
style and correct indentation work well enough for this though.

I have a consistent style and indentation ("correct" is subjective) :)

... so '} done' should work correctly,
always, if the '}' is a reserved word, and a ';' or newline between them
should not be needed.

Which was why I was kind of taken aback when it failed.


                                Thank you, again!


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