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Re: Changing the way bash expands associative array subscripts

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: Changing the way bash expands associative array subscripts
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 11:52:50 -0400
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On 4/9/21 12:20 PM, Koichi Murase wrote:

That said, the fact that you can put 'a[@]' in an indirect variable and
get an array expansion out of "${!x}" is completely repulsive to me.

Currently, we need to write as «iref='a[$key]'; echo "${!iref}"» so
that $key is not expanded until the referencing (just like «unset
'a[$key]'»). If the new assoc_expand_once enables the indirect
expansions of the form «iref="d[$key]"; echo "${!iref}"» like «unset
"a[$key]"» and also if we don't change the current behavior of
«iref=a[@]; echo "${!iref}"» (being expanded to all the elements of
the array) as Greg's suggestion, we need to work around the case key=@
for «iref="d[$key]"; echo "${!iref}"». However, it seems to me that
there is no workaround. What string should we assign to `iref' to
create a reference to the element associated with key=@ with Greg's

Ah, ok. I see. You can assign '\@' to iref to get the behavior you want.
It's not perfect, but it's possible:

$ cat x6b
shopt -s assoc_expand_once
declare -A a=(['@']=x [1]=y)

printf '<%s>' "${a[@]}"; echo

printf '<%s>' "${a[\@]}"; echo

echo "$iref1"
printf '<%s>' "${!iref1}"; echo

key='\@'; iref2=a[$key]
echo "$iref2"

printf '<%s>' "${!iref2}" ; echo
$ ./bash ./x6b

Once you choose to have ${a[@]} expand to all the elements of an array,
whether it's indexed or associative -- and that choice came years ago --
using that character as a key is always going to require a workaround.
Some of them won't be pretty.

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