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Add {{ }}, ${{ }}, return n [x], and $:

From: konsolebox
Subject: Add {{ }}, ${{ }}, return n [x], and $:
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 14:53:58 +0800

I think these features are worth adding:

{{ }} - Similar to { }, but runs like a function so variables can be
declared local

return n [x] - Assigns n to $? and x to $: if specified

${{ }} - Executes like {{ }} but also expands to the value of $:

$: will be reset to an empty string at the beginning of any
non-assignment execution context.  The string can be a constant static
for the sake of efficiency.

Alternatively, $. can be used instead of $:.

I discarded the idea of returning arrays since it would be inefficient
to reassign and confusing to expand.  People should just use named
references or a temporary global for that.  Return by string is ok
since it makes ${{ }} a bit similar to $( ).

The greatest goal of these features is to help eradicate the
inefficient var=$(echo "returned value") practice people do.  Second
would be so I'm sure I don't unset a global variable when unsetting an
iterator in an initialization script to keep the variables clean, even
just by theory.


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