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[PATCH] fix super-linear complexity of ${v^} and ${v//A}

From: Koichi Murase
Subject: [PATCH] fix super-linear complexity of ${v^} and ${v//A}
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2021 15:13:34 +0900


  The time complexities of ${v/...} and ${v^...} are expected to be
  linear with respect to the length of the variable contents.
  However, the time complexity of ${v/...} is quadratic if there is no
  replacement when the length is larger than about 10000.  Also, the
  time complexity of ${v^} becomes quadratic if the variable contains
  many newlines.

  They are caused by the implementations that call `strlen' for the
  variable contents inside loops. `strlen' itself has the linear
  complexity, so the `strlen' inside the loops results in the
  quadratic complexity.


  I attach a sample script: `test.sh'.  In this script, variable
  content is constructed as

    IFS=$'\n' eval 'v="${A[*]}"'

  and then the time is measured as, e.g.,

    time a=${v^}

  By changing the size of array A, the time complexity may be checked.

  I also attach plots, `r0026{a,b,c}.png', based on measurements on my
  Linux host.  `r0026{a,b,c}' are for ${v^}, ${v@U} and ${v//A},
  respectively.  The horizontal and vertical axes are the length of
  the variable content and the time, respectively.  The red points
  show the results for the devel branch.  The dashed lines are fitted
  to the points in the range [20000, 500000] to extract the power. The
  extracted power is written in the legend.  These results clearly
  show the quadratic complexity of these parameter expansions.


  I attach patches:

  * r0026-ifdef-DEBUG.patch: This is not the fix for the above
    problem, but a fix for non-DEBUG build of the devel branch.
    `itrace' (which are introduced for the new treatment of array
    subscripts and the new proc_comsub) are used outside `#ifdef
    DEBUG'.  Maybe these `itrace's are supposed to be removed before
    the next Bash is released, but it is annoying to every time remove
    them when we want to test the performance of the non-DEBUG build
    of the devel Bash.  In this patch, we enclose the new `itrace's in
    `#ifdef DEBUG'

  * r0026-fix-superlinear-sh_modcase.patch: The function `cval'
    (lib/sh/casemod.c) is called from `sh_modcase' (lib/sh/casemod.c)
    for each character in the string.  However, the function `cval'
    calls `strlen' by itself to determine the length of the string.
    This causes quadratic complexity.  In this patch, we pass the
    length of the string from `sh_modcase' to `cval'.

  * r0026-fix-superlinear-pat_subst.patch: At the end of `pat_subst'
    (subst.c), before appending the remaining content of the variable,
    the string buffer for the result is extended using the macro
    buffer size is calculated by a while loop in which the macro
    parameter for the previous buffer size is expanded.  `pat_subst'
    specifies the expression `STRLEN(str) + 1' to the macro parameter
    of the previous buffer size, which is directly expanded in the
    loop and repeatedly evaluated in the loop.  As a result, the macro
    `RESIZE_MALLOCED_BUFFER' becomes the quadratic complexity.  In
    this patch, we specify the pre-calculated value of `strlen' to the
    macro `RESIZE_MALLOCED_BUFFER'.  Also, the buffer size
    determination of `RESIZE_MALLOCED_BUFFER' can be implemented
    without using a loop.

  The blue points and lines in `r0026{a,b,c}.png' show the time
  complexity after the patches.  They are now linear as expected.


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