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[PATCH] quote command and function names in `complete -p'

From: Koichi Murase
Subject: [PATCH] quote command and function names in `complete -p'
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2021 22:16:54 +0900


  In order to make the output of `complete -p' reusable as shell
  commands, the function name after `-F' and the command names also
  needs to be properly quoted.

  I understand that both the function names and the command names
  don't usually need to be quoted, but in principle it is possible to
  create such completion settings.  This becomes a problem when the
  script needs to handle user-supplied arbitrary completion settings.

  The related issue is https://github.com/akinomyoga/ble.sh/issues/102
  I need to evaluate/parse the result of `complete -p' in my script,
  I'm currently using a complicated heuristic way to analyze `complete
  -p', but really want an efficient and reliable way. i.e. something
  like « eval "words=($(complete -p CMD))" ».


  For example, the output of `complete -p' in the following cases
  cannot be reliably evaluated.

    $ complete -c 'test1; echo yes'
    $ complete -F 'A{B,C}' test1
    $ complete -p
    complete -c test1; echo yes
    complete -F A{B,C} test1

  If we perform « saved=$(complete -p); ...; eval "$saved" », the
  above types of completion settings will cause unexpected results.


  I attach a patch (r0028-quote-complete-p-A.patch).  In this patch,
  the command names are quoted only when necessary.  the function
  names after `-F' are always quoted.  If we want to quote the
  function name only when necessary, please instead use the second
  patch `r0028-quote-complete-p-B.patch'.


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