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should bashdb be included w/bash?

From: L A Walsh
Subject: should bashdb be included w/bash?
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 12:09:54 -0700
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Not entirely sure how, but have been running 5.1.8(3)-release which seems
fine...up until I wanted to single step a script...
bashdb <file>...and saw
/usr/share/bashdb/command/set_sub/dollar0.sh: line 23: enable: dynamic loading not available
4:  shopt -s expand_aliases

dynamic loading not available?...poke poke poke...um oh:
bash debugger, bashdb, release 4.4-0.94

doesn't seem to be same as bash...hmm...that's probably not good.

Probably my local distro ...looked for a bashdb package...nep.
oh...it's just out there in the wild, sorta, well on a gnu related

Guess it wasn't ever packaged as a separate thing.

Does it need to be?  (Yeah, maybe?, I don't care, but some might)
But maybe it should be included w/bash (at least as far as source
goes), and become maybe an --enable-bashdb option at build time?

(or --disable-bashdb to include by default?).
Isn't debugging a default in many (most?) languages?
perl, as an interpreted language seems to include perldb.

At least if the option is included @ build time, it isn't so
likely that it would _accidently_ be left out... which would be
useful/convenient IMLBO...(In_My_Lazy_Butt_Opinion)
Eh?  Doesn't seem like it would be hard... ???

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