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Re: Issue declaring an array via a variable name

From: Hunter Wittenborn
Subject: Re: Issue declaring an array via a variable name
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 17:02:12 -0500
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> As an end user I would expect the unquoted `('

> operator to cause a syntax error, just as it does in `echo ('.

Well I'm expecting '(' to be part of the shell's syntax (when unquoted; so 
likewise not cause a syntax error), but when looking at things like the left 
side of a variable assignment, I'm sure you'll agree that it should allow any 
string that fits a variable's normal specification (regardless of being an 
array or not).

Maybe this will explain how I'm thinking about it:

In my head, something like this (where 'value' is equal to 'y'):

`declare "${value}"="x"`

becomes this (which it appears to do so):

`declare "y"="x"`

Logically (for me anyway), this:

`declare "${value}"=("x" "z")`

should then become this:

`declare "y"=("x" "z")`

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